Friday, August 04, 2006

everybody's changing and i don't feel the same...

i guess i never really thought about drastic changes until this week. I feel some regret, of bridges to be burned (somehow), of the uncertain changes and the looming future. But i guess all this is part of transition. I wish somehow that things would be different, that everything will be the same when tomorrow (today) comes in. But it never is.

I know that whatever happens tomorrow, well, is inevitably what i want in the end. I really hope that things will be for the better.

+ + +

For you my friend, I wish for you to be happy, in the distant land.I hope that you will find what you seek, in the land of the rolling hills and the cold billowing winds. I pray for your good health, a peaceful existence and happiness, in what form it may come to you. I shall miss your company, our "dates", and finding happiness in the little things in life. I want want for you you to be happy. God bless and ingat sila sayo!!! hehehhehe ;-)


paningit said...

ah change. yes. it's certainly not that easy.

hlF said...

hmmm romantic na sana yung farewell message mo biglang naiba. at least it wasnt dedicated to me! hehehe

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